Digital Twin

Explore intuitive vibration diagnosis

Digital Twin

Explore intuitive vibration diagnosis


It’s all about Data-Driven Decision Making

The industry faces challenges in optimizing production processes and achieving climate-neutrality while managing costs. Digital Twin technologies offer solutions to these challenges. The Digital Twin is a tool for enhancing availability and productivity, reducing maintenance and energy/environmental costs, and enabling informed decision-making based on operational data.

But what is the Digital Twin? For us, it’s a unique digital representation mirroring the physical object. Integrating all relevant data into a dynamic multi-domain model, it evolves throughout the plant lifecycle to remain an up-to-date counterpart. The combination of operational experience and our expertise in process engineering, instrumentation and control creates a synergy that unlocks amazing opportunities!

Representation of the process of data transfer from a machine to the digital twin - Darstellung des Prozess der Datenübertragung einer Maschine in den digitalen Zwilling


Following Plant’s Lifecycle

The Digital Twin supports decision-making throughout the entire plant lifecycle, from planning to modernization. It generates a highly accurate, dynamic process model using provided design and process data. Our simulation environment, equipped with powerful optimization algorithms, drives the evolution of the Digital Twin throughout its lifecycle. By merging design and field data, it provides a holistic view of the plant, offering valuable insights into its operation.

Use Cases

Explore amazing Opportunities


Whether you need a standard rack, a customized terminal box, a mobile measurement device or even a tailor-made distributed CMS with special algorithms. Combine a quick and effortless rollout in the field with a CMS solution tailored to your exact needs.

We help you build a standardized data backbone for applications such as predictive maintenance. Our open and easily extensible system architecture allows integrating new M2M interfaces or export to specific data formats. You can also rely on our expertise in developing your analysis tools.

Our vibration analysis services for rotating machinery such as compressors, turbines, expanders and pumps can help you optimize your plant reliability. We provide support as part of regular operational data analysis as well as diagnosis of emerging or existing machine problems.

No system covers all applications. So, different CMS have proven themselves for different applications. That is why we also integrate third-party systems and help merge data.

We do calibration for proximitors and accelerometers. Beyond that we support you in identifying problems in the measurement chain to restore trouble-free operation.



Hardware Integration

Software Integration

The CCM C-421 edge module is compatible with a wide range of industrial sensors, including proximity, velocity, acceleration, keyphasor, speed, and pressure. The system features a configurable power supply, supporting -24VDC, +24VDC and the IEPE/ICP standard.

Rack-based machine monitoring systems like Bently Nevada 3500 and Brüel & Kjaer VC 6000 etc. offer Buffered Out connectors for enhanced functionality. Integrating our CCM system with these connectors allows seamless retrieval of raw sensor data. This integration can even be done while the machine is running. This allows a proactive approach without the risk of MMS alarm overrides or unnecessary machine shutdowns.

Vibration transmitters like Bently Nevada 990, Metrix and PVTVM are widely used for machine monitoring. These transmitters feature Buffered Out connectors that can be used for acquiring raw sensor data with our CCM system. To overcome cable length limitations at the Buffered Out connector, our CCM A-100 amplifier can be added to ensure high signal quality transmission up to 75m.

One data acquisition module – many different I/O connections. Whether passive measurement or active supply of the sensor system. The six measurement inputs of each CCM C-421 edge module can be flexibly and individually configured via software, optimizing channel utilization to reduce costs and installation space. This streamlined approach simplifies spare parts management, reducing the need for diverse module stock.

Our commitment to openness is more than a principle; it’s a practice. Beyond supporting standard M2M communication protocols such as OPC UA and Modbus TCP, our data connectors provide seamless data to formats such as Excel CSV, NI TDMS, and Matlab MAT. Moreover, direct API queries provide a streamlined way to access your data directly from the database. Experience full control and access to your data.

As our system is based entirely on web technology, integration into the customer’s IT system is straightforward.

… keine separaten Zugänge ins das OT oder IT Netz.

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