Dynamic Simulation

The Virtual Compressor is a tool for the dynamic simulation of compressor and turbine systems. A model of the real-world system is set up and tuned by examining the system configuration and parameters, as well as dynamic data if available. The Virtual Compressor provides data on pressure, temperature, flow, and gas composition vs. time and takes into consideration compressibility at high pressures. A block library and documentation standards are available for several technological components, such as

  • turbo- and reciprocating compressors,
  • gas and steam turbines,
  • ducts, gas reservoirs, heat exchangers, boilers,
  • sensors, actuators (valves, drives, guide vanes), and PID controllers.

In general, the simulation is used for research, operator training, and FAT support. The Virtual Compressor is fully compatible with our test equipment and can therefore be easily connected to any PLC by industrial standard signals (e.g. 4-20mA). The simulation runs at real-time, providing all necessary data for PLC-based compressor and turbine control. In this way, control systems can be tested under realistic conditions.


  • Information-Flyer AviComp Dynamic Simulation (ENG)
  • Information-Flyer AviComp Dynamische Simulation (DEU)