AviComp Controls is a leading independent engineering contractor for rotating machinery controls and a provider of superior engineering consultancy services. We operate on a global scale, specializing in the development and commissioning of industrial control systems for new compressors and the modernization of existing compressor units.

Main areas of expertise:

  • Project Management
  • Basic Design
  • Detail Engineering
  • System Integration
  • Commissioning


We at AviComp have extensive experience in application engineering and an in-depth knowledge of machinery. Our engineers are very familiar with the requirements of relevant industry standards, as well as the engineering standards of manufacturers and end users. AviComp is a dynamic company offering advanced solutions for compressor and turbine controls.

AviComp’s control capabilities include:

  • AviComp Turbo Controls – Control systems for radial and axial compressors
  • AviComp Recip Controls – Control systems for reciprocating compressors
  • AviComp Turbine Controls – Control systems for steam turbines and gas turbines
  • Compressor Safety Controls
  • Master Controls