Turbo Compressor

The term turbo compressor is used for radial compressors – also known as centrifugal compressors – and axial compressors, as well as for combinations of the two, i.e. axial-radial compressors.

Each process-gas turbo compressor is designed to fulfill a particular process function, e.g. to provide pressure and flow within a certain specified range. AviComp TurboControls are specifically designed to support the compressor in performing its process function.

Several factors determine the compressor’s operational limits: Capacity throughput is determined by the type of casing whereas, at the lower flow end, turbo compressor operation is limited by surge. The pressure-flow characteristics are determined by the thermodynamic design, and the pressure/temperature handling capability, by the mechanical design. Available drive power may further limit operation.

The combination of these factors dramatically increases the complexity of the controls, in particular where stage-wise capacity controls, stage-wise anti-surge controls, extensive protection controls, and elaborate auxiliary controls are needed to support the compressor’s operation.

AviComp has well-proven, advanced control algorithms and extensive experience in designing controls for the industry’s most complex turbo compressor applications.

Over the past 15 years, AviComp has successfully engineered, supplied, and commissioned 1,200 rotating-machinery control systems all over the world. Our customers worldwide, which include machinery manufacturers and end-users, as well as EPC contractors, trust in AviComp’s unique capabilities.