Revamping and modernization work is carried out in response to economic requirements. Modification of compressors brings considerable cost advantages in comparison with a new installation, since only parts are replaced which are unsuitable for the new process.

  • repair & modernization of existing turbines & compressors
  • consideration of entire system: every machine in context of the complete plant & related technology > basis for successful electrical & mechanical repairs, also for modernization of the individual components > improvement of the entire System in term of energy Efficiency, process stability, performance & reliability
  • requirements are changing concerning to control & safety Technology > adjustment by partial or modernization measures with manageable capital expenditure
  • strictly comply with all operating & safety instructions given by the manufacturer as well as sticking to our own regulations
  • opportunity:  FAT (compliant with IEC 62381) before commissioning 
               simulation of all your machine & facility data via our Dynamical Simulation 
               your system can get virtually commissioned in advance 
  • before repair: detailed site survey
  • after repair: providing comprehensive documentation & recording

Your benefits

  • time savings & low-cost modifications/new buildings
  • manageable capital expenditure for changing requirements
  • because of dynamic simulation: reduce project risk; preparation of optimization or process changes without downtime & endangering of production 
  • because of virtual commissioning: shorter development & commissioning time, reduce commissioning time on-site
  • customer-specific & easy handling of the plant
  • improving the environmental performance