Master Control

Master control is used for the automated coordination of the parallel operation of multiple machines. The term master control refers to various functionalities, depending on the type of project. One main function is load sharing, which distributes the overall load between the different compressors according to predefined criteria. This function is required, for example, when two identical centrifugal compressors are operated at equal distances from their respective surge control lines.

Other examples of master control functions are various auto start/stop functions, such as auto start/stop to adapt the operation to fluctuating plant-load demand, auto start of a standby machine upon trip of the duty machine, or auto start/stop to achieve equal distribution of working hours, especially in the case of reciprocating-type compressors.

Master control applications become especially challenging when different types of compressors are operated. This could include machinery from various vendors, machinery of different sizes, or machinery of different types, such as centrifugal compressors and reciprocating-type compressors, as well as compressors driven by electric motors and turbines.

AviComp has an excellent track record in providing superior master control systems that ensure the reliability and efficiency of our customers’ operations.

Over the past 15 years, AviComp has successfully engineered, supplied, and commissioned 1,200 rotating-machinery control systems all over the world. Our customers worldwide, which include machinery manufacturers and end-users, as well as EPC contractors, trust in AviComp’s unique capabilities.